Old Town HOG Chapter #8194

Whether you are new to the Tampa area or just new to the Harley-Davidson experience, welcome!

LOH - Self Defense Class - OTBHD Training Room

09.11.2019 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


We had so much fun learning how to get away from our attacker, we have decided to have another Self-Defense training class.  And once again Master Randy Hutchinson has so graciously accepted to teach us more techniques and self-awareness.                                                        

** Please wear something comfortable as you will be on your feet for most of the training.  We will be showing you the technique 1st and then pairing you up with someone and showing you how do it yourself.

We will be showing you “HOW NOT TO BE A VICTIM”, and what you can use to equalize yourself. Don’t worry, this self-defense is for ALL ages, sizes, and limitations. If you have any limitations, we will show you what techniques work best for you. After all it is YOUR SELF-DEFENSE.

**You will be asked to sign a waiver that I will provide.

KSU = Kick Stands Up

Arrive 30 minutes prior to KSU with a full tank.

This allows you time to check in with the Road Captain, receive a ride sheet, and attend the important pre-ride meeting.